Incentive Programs

At Lewiston Housing, we’re committed to enhancing landlord engagement and maximizing the use of our voucher programs. That’s why we’ve introduced a range of landlord incentive programs designed to support and reward your participation. These programs will continue to be available as long as funding permits.

To learn more about how you can benefit from our landlord incentive programs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

If you are a landlord and would like to list your apartment for rent to voucher holders, please complete the Vacancy Form.

Vacancy Loss Program

With the Vacancy Loss Program, Lewiston Housing offers compensation up to one month’s rent for landlords whose property was previously occupied by an HCV participant and is now rented to a new HCV participant. The payment amount will match the contract rent paid by the previous HCV tenant, and will only be issued upon completion of a new HAP contract.

If the property remains vacant for less than a month, the vacancy loss payment will be adjusted on a prorated basis according to the number of vacant days.

Please note that the Vacancy Loss Program is not applicable to Project-Based Vouchers, Mod Rehabs, or any other program that already covers vacancy loss. Furthermore, if a landlord receives reimbursement for unpaid rent or vacancy from another source, such as a security deposit, the reimbursed amount will be deducted from the total vacancy loss payment provided by Lewiston Housing.

The Vacancy Loss Program is also applicable to Emergency Housing Vouchers and Mainstream Vouchers administered by Lewiston Housing, as long as it is permitted by the specific specialty voucher.

Landlord Signing Bonus

To encourage landlords to rent to voucher holders, the following singing bonuses will be offered to newly leased apartments:

  • $750 signing bonus for every apartment leased to a Lewiston Housing voucher participant.
  • $250 additional bonus if voucher holder was experiencing homelessness prior to moving into an apartment.

To Qualify:

  • Rental rates must fall within Lewiston Housing’s Payment Standards.
  • The rental unit must pass a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection.
  • Landlords must engage in a one-year lease with a new tenant and sign a HAP contract.
  • The landlord must not have any open housing discrimination cases.
  • Landlords receive the bonus at or around the time of the first monthly payment.

Landlord Repair Grant Program

To help make apartments ready for voucher holders to move in, this program helps landlords fix certain failed items found during the initial Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection. Funds may be used to repair items that fail an initial HQS inspection subject to the following:

  • Only failed initial inspection items qualify.
  • Qualifying failed items include but are not limited to the following:
    • Bedroom windows that do not meet egress
    • Deteriorated paint
    • Installation of hard-wired smoke detectors
    • Installation of sprinkler system
    • Roofing
    • Tie downs
  • The landlord pays the first $250 toward the repair.
  • Lewiston Housing’s reimbursement to the landlord will not exceed $5,000 a year.
  • The unit is required to pass HQS inspection before payment can be made.
  • A one-year lease and Housing Assistance Payment Contract will need to be executed before payment is disbursed.
  • A Landlord Repair Grant Agreement signed by Lewiston Housing and the landlord, which can be obtained by contacting Lewiston Housing.

Security Deposit Assistance Program

To help voucher holders lease an apartment, this fund will help provide assistance to voucher holders who do not have other funds to pay a landlord a security deposit. Lewiston Housing may pay the security deposit for first-time voucher applicants who are searching for a new unit within Lewiston Housing’s jurisdiction subject to the following:

  • The tenant requests assistance in writing or verbally with an explanation of the need.
  • Lewiston Housing will pay the security deposit the landlord lists on the Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA).
  • The landlord should complete and sign the Request and Acknowledgement of Security Deposit form to request the funds, and a signed HAP contract and VAWA addendum.
    • The landlord certifies the following: Upon receipt from Lewiston Housing, the security deposit funds will be held following Maine State Statute, Title 14, Chapter 710-A, Sections 6031-6039.
  • The Security Deposit funds are paid directly to the landlord with the first month’s rent paid.
  • Families are not required to repay the funds to Lewiston Housing, and if they move out of a unit with no payment owed, the landlord is required by Maine law to return the security deposit within a reasonable time.

Damage Reimbursement Grant Program

The goal of the Damage Reimbursement Grant Program is to increase the availability of units by assisting landlords financially to complete repairs to damaged units. Reimbursements to a landlord will not exceed $6,000 per calendar year (if submitting more than one damage reimbursement request)

  • The landlord may request up to $1500 from this fund if there is physical damage to the unit that is:
    • Above and beyond normal wear and tear as defined by Maine State Law §6031; AND
    • The cost to fix the damages is greater than the security deposit collected.
  • Landlords must supply the following to access the grant funds: