New payment standards, HAP contract changes, & extension of housing search

in: Announcements on: 01/28/2022

In response to the ongoing pandemic and tight rental market, HUD approved three new waivers for Lewiston Housing effective immediately. These waivers are in place until December 31, 2022. The waivers are as follows:

Increase in Payment Standard During Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract Term

Lewiston Housing can increase the payment standard for the family at any time after the effective date of the increase, rather than waiting for the next regular reexamination.

Term of Voucher: Extensions of Term

Lewiston Housing can grant a family one or more extensions of the initial voucher term regardless of the policy described in the Administrative Plan. If a voucher holder needs an extension past the initial 120 day search term, they must notify Lewiston Housing in writing prior to the expiration of their voucher.

Voucher Tenancy: New Payment Standard Amount

Lewiston Housing has received authorization to increase the payment standard to 120% of Fair Market Rent (FMR). The new payment standards go into effect on 2/1/2022. This is the maximum allowable rent for a voucher holder, though the apartment must still meet rent reasonableness.

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